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Young Grit Podcast

Nov 22, 2020

Author of Entrepreneurial Leap which is devoted to helping entrepreneurs-in-the-making understand their genetic makeup and give them a huge jump-start, along with a clear, simple path to fully realize their potential. Personally delivered over 1,900 EOS full-day sessions with entrepreneurial leadership teams. Creator...

Nov 22, 2020

This episode is going to broaden your perspective. Jason Bedrick is a lifelong learner and born entrepreneur in the educational space. He's the director of policy for EdChoice, which means he handles the ins and outs of how to spread these groundbreaking educational ideas throughout the country and the world.

In this...

Nov 19, 2020

Kevin Harrington has been a successful entrepreneur over the last 40 years. World famous one of the original sharks with over 22 businesses 21 businesses now he’s taken over 100 million. He is the guru when it comes to entrepreneurship!

Nov 12, 2020

Kelly Smith, founder and CEO of Prenda, a company that helps create flexible learning environments known as microschools.

In this episode we talked about entrepreneurship. How to be a part of this world and how you can contribute and discover your talents and bring them out and share to people!

Nov 9, 2020

Chris Smith is the founder of The Campfire Effect and Family Brand. His kids have made more than $3,500 in their MyFirstSale business, Create or Complain.

In this episode, we give practical steps on how you can create your family brand and then actually live it out. You’ll also hear stories about sweet potatoes,...